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"I learned a great deal from taking Michael Haney's acting class, at Palm Beach Acting School, about a year ago. I learned to connect with my scene partners better by listening and reacting to their emotions. I learned practical advice that has helped me in each and every audition. Take a class and see what you can learn from Michael. "
- Ken La Kier, actor

"Thank you, Mike. Thank you for everything. Thank you for teaching me the acting essentials and for working through my acting block years ago. Thank you for the faith always and patience through it all. My best acting coach right there.
Thank you."
- Stephanie Hernandez

"Most people..well only one or two actually..know this..our daughter was diagnosed as possibly deaf..borderline autistic..went through a year of speech therapy and they wanted to do ear implants at 5..was failing everything in kindergarten and they wanted to put her in a special program for learning disabled..turns out she needed surgery to release her this was missed I don't know..2 years later she attended an acting workshop with Michael Haney and was made to feel so confident and welcome! I think the next closest student was maybe 16 and up! When this page of notes came home I was flabbergasted and I keep it as a super fond momento! I remember my husband this ok..there are no other kids there..than him peeking in and calling me and she is fine rolling on the floor being crazy..I am going for a beer and will go back when it's over! Thank you Michael Haney and all those that have supported our little one over the years! Michael Haney's workshops are for everyone who wants to learn to feel free in acting!"
- Julie And Victoria Hockton

"I've been going to palm beach acting school for a while now. I've learned a tremendous amount. The main thing I've learned is how to create an emotional response in a character is realistic. I've learned how to act truthfully under the imaginary circumstance. To anyone who is interested in learning how to act, I would highly recommend palm beach acting school. Just understand it won't be easy and it takes a full commitment!"
- Jeff Slemmer

"I had a casting for a short film so i went to Michael Haney to prepare for the reading. I had two hour one on one session and it helped to built my confidence and ultimately I got the part. I highly recommend Michael Haney's acting classes, he's very knowledgeable and excellent instructor."
- Janet Murphy

"I've known Michael Haney for many years now and he is an excellent and talented acting teacher and coach. He is very knowledgeable and has complete grasp of the Meisner technique and he teaches it with enthusiasm, confidence and skill. In the beginning we started out doing simple exercises, then moved on to doing whole scenes. After just one year of studying with him, I have gone on to do TV shows, films and several parts in plays. I recommend him highly to anyone just starting out or to the seasoned professional who wants to get a better understanding of the Meisner approach and how to behave more truthfully under imaginary circumstances, the core of his teachings."
- Robert Fabano

"As a Professional Dj and an aspiring Comic, I went to Michael for personal acting training for 6 months. He is a excellent teacher and i still utilize much of what I learned during my time with him in my day to day work in the Entertainment field. Anyone interested in Acting or just looking to learn better improve the ability to perform in front of people would benefit greatly from Michael. He works one on one with you and has a deep passion for Acting. Thank you Michael for what you taught me during our time together."
- Rob Reed.

"Michael is a nice and patient teacher. I took classes with him and learned about various acting techniques. I still utlitize the skills he taught me today. I currently reside in L.A. and I am still learning about the profession. If you are just starting out, Mike would be a great teacher to learn with. I still keep in contact with him years later. He loves acting and passes that love down. I am now working closer to my goals."
Thanks, Mike
- Jaimee Listokin

"Michael is a fantastic instructor. He works diligently to push every actor to perform at his or her finest and tracks his students' progress at every turn. Mr. Haney has opened the door for my performance ability. His class has allowed me to enter my deepest emotions and convey them in a powerful, yet truthful manner! Within the three months I have spent studying with Michael, I have quickly come to recognize the high caliber of his training and its recognizable influence on my career. I wouldn't pause for a moment to recommend his class to anyone interested in a REAL acting profession!!."
- Joseph Scott Rodriguez

"Within my first weeks of Michael's class I learned so much about the importance of listening and living truthfully in the moment that I feel my performance capabilities have already improved. I suggest Michael's class not only to those seeking a deeper understanding of the acting technique, but to anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of spontaneity."
- Joseph Scott Rodriguez

"I definately second that! I have only been to two of his classes, and boy I got to find out how wrong I was about acting. It isn't about you, it is about the person in front of you. Like somone said, you're only as good of an actor as the person in front of you, or as bad."
- Quasherry Ahmed

"First, I want to say that the classes are great, it teaches you how to be yourself under any circumstance. To be truthful and not fake. Second, Mike is a great teacher, and knows what he is doing. Third, the people are great and ready to work with. So, if you want to improve or start your acting career as an actor, Palm Beach Acting School is the place!
Best regards!"
- Fernando Lopez

"Mike is a great, down to earth teacher who knows his stuff. I'm new to acting, but even at the very first class we dove right in. It's a fun class, and I can't think of a better skill to practice then that of learning how to be authentic under any circumstance!"
- Meredith Tucker

"Since I have started taking this class 6-7 weeks ago, I have started to audition for plays and movies. On my first audition I was offered the lead role in the play 'I Never Sang for my Father.' Take this class, you will not regret it!"
- Cary Collins

"I really enjoyed this class, everyone was really friendly. My first day I learned about being truthful and noticing my partner. It was a great start and I'm looking forward to learning more from Mike and other students."
- Stephanie

"Michael Haney's classes are truly the best around! Nobody better, with a passion for this art!!"
- Tracey Ferrara

"I totally agree, you just bring something out in us we didn't know we had! I acted years ago and took a little break. Now I would like to get back into the business and joining this class is the first step. If any of my S. Florida actor friends are friend Michael Haney runs a wonderful acting school. Come by and take one of his classes. They're really good!!"
- Irene Kelly

"During my first class I had fun and learned a lot. To master your craft & meet new people who have the same goals, you should join this group!"
- Talina Adamo Oblander

"Had a great time. Learned a few things about the acting experience. Good opportunity to interact with others that have the same goals. It is always a good idea to master your craft."
- Audra Wilson

"I didn't think acting was harder than it seems but with your help I'm pretty sure I'll master those infamous skills :) PS: Wish me luck....I'm
participating in the Boca Film Festival.
Chao for now!!!"
- Sidney Rodriguez-Velazquez

"Mike is great. Insightful, provocative and knowlegable. Join this group and learn!"
- Steve

"It was great meeting new people and everyone seemed to get along."
- Deena Buell

"Learning how to focus on my partner and I'm working on bringing out my deep emotions. It will take time but I'll get it with the class."
- Christopher Thomas

"I learned the meaning of acting is to live truthfully through the given imaginary circumstances. To just be real and honest and bring yourself to the character. Thank you for teaching us also how to slate. I had a great time."
- Jocelyn Paryz

"First and foremost THANK YOU so much for taking your time and teaching me SO MUCH about what acting really is. I learned that acting is the ability to live truthfully and just being yourself. Also, how to connect with the other person when you are acting and that acting is not about the words is about the passion and emotion you have in order to deliver that performance. There were many things I learned from you and I thank you again. I highly recommend Mr. Haney! He's the BEST!"
- Danny Debs

"My main man Mr. Michael Haney has the greatest acting class in the world! I've learned so much in just a year in his class, his views and approach toward acting and the Meisner technique are truly one of a kind. I am learning to act naturally, and live truthfully, something you don't learn in any other class. Thanks Mike for everything you've taught me!"
- Nicholas A. Richman

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